Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Days of School

Jarren started 1st grade yesterday. His school is brand new and it is looks amazing!! It was a little hard for me to leave him at school, but I did it. When he got home and told grandma about his day, and how long the day was, she asked him if he was going to make it, and his response was "I don't think so". I guess it's going to take some time to get used to not being in half day kindergarten anymore and being in all day 1st grade. His favorite parts of the day were going out for recess and eating his Lunchables for lunch.

Maya started her 3rd year of preschool today. She has been counting down for the last month. She has the same teacher this year and Maya absolutely adores her. We have been talking about how she would have some new friends in her class this year, and I mentioned that there would be boys. When I mentioned this she said, "Boys are stinky." I couldn't believe she said that, it totally cracked me up. I don't know who she heard it from, but it was funny. Tonight when she was going to bed I asked her what her favorite part of the day was. She said, "School." I then asked her what part of school and she said everything. Thank you Teacher Ashley!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pony Ride

Me and the kids went to visit the farm today. We had fun seeing the animals and Maya finally got to go on a pony ride (if you remember my post about her sneaking onto the pony ride in June). I asked Jarren what his favorite part was, and he told me the popsicle he got when we were finished.

Monday, August 4, 2008


We went on our first family camping trip this past week, and it was so much fun. For most people the words Robinson and camping don't really belong in the same sentence. But we did it! We went with some families from our ward from church. The kids had a ball just running around and playing. Maya and Karli were content to just play with each other, even though there were plenty of other kids their ages to play with. Maya and Karli were filthy by the end of the first day. I caught them throwing dirt at each other, then Maya would pour dirt on Karli's arm and rub it it. I should have taken a picture of how dirty they were. I was pretty proud of myself for not wiping them off until it was time to eat and at bedtime (That's pretty good for the germ nut). Jason had fun playing baseball and horseshoes. I enjoyed having other adults to just sit and visit with. We went to a waterfall on Friday and Saturday, it was so pretty. Everybody but me and Kate had fun getting in the water. The camping trip was so fun, I think we'll probably do it again next year.