Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Our family went to Idaho over Memorial Day to visit Jason's grandparents. It was SO much fun! We fed bread to the fish, saw a waterfall, ate some great food, played games with cousins, and basically just had fun together. It was great!

Last day of school

I can't believe that this school year is already done. I feel like it just barely started. Jarren finished 2nd grade and Maya finished kindergarten. It's so fun to see the growth that took place with these 2 kids this year. Maya started kindergarten not reading and ended the year being an awesome reader. Way to go Jarren and Maya!

Since they both did so well in school we decided to celebrate with ice cream with some of our good friends, the Simons.

Dance Festival

I love that our elementary school does a year end dance festival on the last day of school. Jarren has been so excited about his dance. I love how the school gets all the kids, even the 6th grade boys to dance. Each grade chooses a song and the whole grade dances to that song. They do it out on the grass, and it seems like a perfect end to the school year.

Jarren is right in the middle in the brown.

Maya's Pet

Maya was so excited about her 1st pet, a snail. She picked it out all by herself. She found it in our front yard and felt like it belonged in our home. She even had it sleep in her bed the first night. (Yuck... I know). I thought it was dead a few times, but nope, it just kept climbing in its jar.