Saturday, June 6, 2009

Karli's new bike

Karli got a new bike today. It's still kind of big for her, but she'll catch on quick, even with it being too big.

Last Day of School

So Jarren and Maya are done with school, I guess that means Summer has officially begun.

At Jarren's school on the last day they have a dance festival. We went to see it and it was SO cute. Each grade gets up together and does a dance. It was so fun to see the kids get up and do it for the whole school and the parents. Most of the kids were so proud of themselves, and I was surprised to see even the older boys get up and dance. Jarren has been showing us pieces of his dance for weeks, so it was fun to see the whole thing.

Jarren and his teacher.

Jordan's Graduation

My little brother graduated from high school yesterday. I can't believe he's old enough, that means I'm getting a lot older. Our family had fun being able to watch the graduation ceremony, and the kids actually did a lot better than I thought they would. Two hours is a long time for 4 little ones to keep themselves entertained.
Way to go Jordan!!

My brother, Jordan with my kids and my nephew.

My sister, brother, and me (my other brother didn't get there in time for pictures).

Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Loving Spring

Okay, I admit it, I've been a slacker in the blog department lately. I can't promise to do better. Summer is around the corner, I'm going to have 4 kids home every day starting this Saturday, plus I only have 14 more weeks of being pregnant in the heat of the summer. But I can say, I will try.

I'll give a little summary of what we've been doing this past month and a half that I haven't been blogging. Like I mentioned, I should have 14 weeks left before our new little one joins us, however, most of you know my history, so we'll see how many we really get. Things are going well, luckily I haven't had too many contractions, hopefully they stay that way.

Jarren is finished with school on Friday. Maya is finished on Thursday. They, along with Karli and Kate have had fun playing with kids in the neighborhood. Life is very traumatic at our house if no one can play.

Recently Jason took all 4 of the kids swimming. I sat and watched, since my swimming suit probably wouldn't have fit. I was surprised at how much they all loved the water, except for Karli. Last year they had fun in the water, but Maya didn't like getting very wet. This time, she was a fish. That gives me hope for swimming lessons that will be starting in a week or two.

Maya learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels about 2 weeks ago. She didn't want any help doing it, she just wanted to do it on her own. I still haven't taken a picture of her, so as soon as I do, I'll post it.

Kate Goes to Nursery

Kate is now 18 months old. That means she is old enough for nursery at church. We have been talking it up because Karli is in there with her as well as one of her neighborhood friends. I knew she would do great because she is a very social girl. Needless to say there were no tears, there was just a happy girl to greet us when the 2 hours was done.