Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday #2

Maya turned 5 this past week. I know, I can't believe it either. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. This lucky kid got to celebrate her birthday on 3 different days; her actual birthday, on Saturday with a friend birthday party and on Sunday with our family.

On her actual birthday she had to wait until Jason got home from work to open her presents, it was so hard for her to wait.

On Saturday, Jason and I were very brave. We had 13 little girls, plus our own kids for a birthday party at our house. Luckily my sweet sister was there to help us with a little crowd control. Imagine...16 kids ages 3-6 running around in your house screaming in excitement as little kids do. It was fun to watch them, but it was very loud. They all had a ton of fun, playing games, decorating cookies, eating cupcakes and just running around.

Yesterday was the family party. When I brought down the cake for her to blow the candles out she wouldn't even look at it. She was being shy (I know, it was a family party). I sat there waiting for her to blow the candles out, but then the candles started to catch the top of the merry-go-round cake on fire, so I ended up blowing them out for her.

This looks like it is Karli's birthday cake, no, it's Maya's. Karli is just posing while we are waiting for Maya to stop doing what she's doing in the picture above that one. Maya kept hiding her face until I took the cake upstairs and started cutting it.

Birthday #1

Karli turned 3 this month. It happened a couple of weeks ago, but like I said things have been very busy here. She seemed to have a lot of fun, especially opening presents. She was so funny with her cake, she sat at the table and looked at it for probably 15 minutes.

Why are our lives so busy?

I don't know what has happened the 2nd half of January (maybe it's the 2 birthday's we had); but life has been crazy busy. I've hardly checked anybody's blog for a week or two. Hopefully now that it's almost February life will be a little less chaotic.

Jason left for a business trip to Ohio today, he'll be gone for 4 days. I hate it when he leaves. Things just aren't the same when he's gone.

Here's some cute pictures from the last few weeks.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dancing Girl

Maya informed us a few months ago that she wanted to start dance. Well, we were lucky enough that there was an opening in the studio we wanted and so she was able to start today.

Last night she informed me that she didn't want to dance, she just wanted to watch. I told her we'd see today. Today I told her that she needed to go because her friend, Tierra, would be in her class. (But honestly, it was mostly because I'd already paid $42 for tap and ballet shoes. Shh, it's our little secret.)When we got to the dance place she was acting pretty excited, but she wouldn't go out there and dance with the other girls; she wanted to just stand by me. I told her that if she stood by me and did the steps she would get a treat at home, but if she went out and stood where she was supposed to she would get 2 treats at home. She chose to get 2 treats. However, her way of dealing with her shyness was by trying to put her hand over her face so that she couldn't see us and we couldn't see her. I wanted so bad to take a picture of her doing this, but I didn't think the teacher would have liked that distraction very much.

By the end of her hour lesson, I had left the room and just peaked in every now and again, and she was doing awesome. It looked like she was doing what the teacher wanted.

Way to go Maya!


It doesn't matter what I say or do, Karli keeps getting into my makeup. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We have another walker!

Our sweet little Kate is now a walker. On Sunday she started taking a few steps. We went to my mom and dad's house and Kate thought it was pretty fun trying to walk to the candy can so she could get a treat. (My sister Jessica learned how to walk by going towards the candy can at my grandpa's house. Now the candy can is at my mom's house and my sweet little Kate Jessica, named after her aunt, was learning the same way. Awesome!)

Now 2 days later she is trying to walk wherever she can. She even walked across most of her bedroom today. It's so cute! Some of the time she even walk sideways. I can't believe my baby is big enough to be walking.

Christmas Dresses

When I found matching dresses at the store that fit all 3 of my girls I was so excited. After thinking about it for a little while I had to go back and get them. Don't they look cute?

This picture was taken when Karli was mad because she wanted to hold Kate.