Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cheer Clinic

Maya, Karli, and Kate were able to do a cheer clinic at our local high school this last week. They were pretty excited about it, especially since their cousin, Kenadee, got to do it with them. This was Kate's first year to do it and she got pretty into it doing her cheers. It was fun to watch them all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We got a new dishwasher, but...

So this last week we finally decided we had to get a new dishwasher. We've needed one for awhile, but have been putting it off. We paid for people to install it for us, since Jason and I are so not talented in that aspect of life. Anyway, on Saturday it was installed and that night Jason was cleaning out water from underneath our sink, since water leaked from somewhere. We hoped it wasn't a big deal. WRONG! By Sunday night Maya was complaining that her bed was wet (Maya doesn't wet the bed by the way :) ). Her bedroom is right underneath the kitchen, and sure enough her mattress was completely soaked through and we looked up to see that her ceiling was dripping. NICE! Jason proceeded to make Maya a bed on the floor and by the next morning we had collected half a big plastic bowl full of water. Now...3 days later, we have had the installer come back, the store that we bought it from has come over, and we've had someone come and give us a bid on how much it's going to cost to fix it. Hopefully, it will all be paid for and we won't have to worry about that, just the huge hassle that it's causing. Luckily, I love the dishwasher!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maya's Big Day!

Saturday was Maya's baptism. It was a wonderful day! Everything went as smoothly as could be expected, which I was very grateful for. We had the support of lots of family and friends and it was really nice to be able to visit with them after the baptism.

Our family is so proud of you Maya and your decision to be baptized. You are such a good example for our family!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Birthday #2

Maya is our 2nd January birthday and she turned 8. This was a pretty big day for her. Since her birthday was on a Saturday we opened presents, went to her Jr. Jazz basketball game, and then Maya and I went to Culver's for lunch and then to get her ears pierced. I asked Maya if she was scared to get her ears pierced, but she said no. She's a pretty brave little kid!

Just like Karli, Maya got to celebrate 3 different days too. Her actual birthday. Don't mind the mismatched pajamas.

Her friend birthday party. Again, like Karli, she wanted a pajama party. The girls watched a movie, decorated cupcakes, opened presents and just played. They seemed to have a great time!

And her family party. Which actually had to be postponed a week since all of the kids were sick. This was pretty tramatic for Maya to have to wait, but I can't say that I blame her.

And then she will be baptized on Saturday. Our family is pretty excited for that. There will be another post for that big day.

January Birthday #1

Karli is our first January birthday. She turned 6 this year and got to celebrate her special day on 3 different days. 1st her actual birthday.

2nd her friend party. It was a pajama party for Karli and 3 little friends. I might add that pajama parties are great, there doesn't seem to be as much planning involved! We painted nails, watched a movie, ate treats and opened presents.

3rd her family party.

Happy Birthday Karli! We love you!