Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kate's Birthday

Cute little Kate (aka Rapunzel, as she calls herself) turned 4 on Sunday. She was counting down to her birthday last week and I was surprised that she could count down the days all by herself. She is such a sweet little girl. I can't believe she is 4.

This is what she did when we sang to her. She laughed.

It took about 6 tries to blow the candles out. The first 3 times she tried, none of the candles went out.

More Thanksgiving Fun

We had a lot of fun with extra family in town for Thanksgiving. We all loved being able to see Jason's grandparents and having a little snuggle time with them, was great for my kids.

Maya and Karli and Jarren carried around and pestered grandma's kitties for 4 days. Grandma said the cats probably loved the attention. I say the poor cats were probably ready for us to leave every night. Anyway, the kids were in heaven every day being able to love them.

On Friday we all went to see the lights at Temple Square, it had been a few years since I had seen them. We rode the train downtown and the kids all thought that was great. Halle and Kate sat with their faces pressed against the glass watching outside for most of the ride there. I wish Halle would have sat that good coming back home.

Fall Leaves

We raked the leaves at our house a couple of times this year, but it seemed like it was colder outside this year. Anyway, the kids didn't play in the leaves, which was actually fine by me, because the leaves get all broken up and it's harder to clean them up when their done jumping in them. I know, what a boring parent. Oh well! Anyway, with Jason's brother being in town we spent a lot of time at his parents house. Jason's brother raked the leaves and then left them in a pile for a few days for the kids to play in them. I know, a good uncle! The kids had a great time playing in them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkeys

We were so excited to have Jason's brother, Jeremy, and his family come for a visit for Thanksgiving. We typically only see them once a year, so it was great to see them again this year. It's a tradition in Jason's family to make Thanksgiving turkeys out of gumdrops. This year some of the kids had fun making spiders and other things besides turkeys. They seemed to have fun making them and eating them.

Jarren and cousin Maddie just starting the turkeys.

Maya and cousin Dawson, with I think a spider and a turkey.

Me...with mine and Jason's turkeys.

Kate, completely enjoying herself.


You would think after seeing my kids costumes that I had planned all their costumes with a theme in mind. Nope. The only costume I picked was Halle's, since it matched 3 of the other kids and we already had it. Maya was the one who wanted to be original. The kids made out with a ton of candy after trick or treating at Jason's work and the ward trunk or treat. Since they got so much candy before Halloween we only went to about 3 neighbors houses plus both grandmas on Halloween.

A good witch! Not a scary one.

Go Utes!

This is how Halle smiles in all her pictures now.

Excited to be a cheerleader.

Karli's pretty proud of her pumpkin.