Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time Off

I feel like it has been forever since I last posted something. I taught a class at my sister-in-laws church this past week and it has taken up all of my free time it seems like for the past few weeks. It was a really good class for me to teach, it was about free and low cost activities for families to do here in our area. (If anybody that lives close wants a copy, just let me know and I'll e-mail it to you). I say it was a good class for me to teach because school has only been out for a few weeks and the kids have been driving me crazy. So it will be good for us to get away from the house a little bit more doing fun activities.

Since I haven't written for a while, I will give a few of the things that happened during that time.

-Maya got a new bright pink with sparkles ear mold for her hearing aid. She has been waiting for the last week or two to get it. And so she was very excited when it finally came.

-Jarren has spent almost all of his birthday money on Pokemon cards. He thinks these cards are great, and all the neighbor kids think its fun to look at them because he has so many. (My brother helped him out when he first started collecting them by giving him his collection of about 475 cards, lets just say the kids thought that was awesome!)

-Kate is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, every once in a while it makes her scoot backwards. Before we know it she will be crawling.

-I took the kids to a local candy factory this past week. We all thought it was neat, but I think I liked it the best. I love candy! I even got a 5 pound bag of candy for $1.99 (actually I bought 2 of them, aren't I terrible?)

-We went to a carnival with some friends last night and we were by a pony ride that Maya wanted to go on, but it was $3 per child, and times that by 3 kids and it was almost $10 for one little ride. Mean mom said "no". While Jason and I were talking to our friends about where we were going to go next the man in charge of the pony ride asked, "Is anyone missing a child?" I looked around and thought I had all of mine... oh wait...that is mine. It was Maya sitting up on top of a pony waiting for a ride. I have no idea how she got in there. What a good mom, letting her child get up on top of a pony, and not even know it.

-On Monday Jarren learned how to ride a 2 wheeler. I started out by trying to hold the back of the bike for him, but within about 30 seconds of that he said, "MOM, LET GO!" I got the picture, so I let go and down the sidewalk he went all by himself. I couldn't believe it, the first time he tried it, he did it without even falling. Way to go Jarren!

Here's a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Jarren

Jarren turned 6 on Tuesday. On Saturday he had a friend birthday party, complete with a Spongebob pinata (we don't even watch the show, but for some reason he wanted a Spongebob pinata). The kids all had a fantastic time. On Monday we celebrated his birthday because Jason had to be out of town the next day. He was very excited to open his presents and find the Hot Wheels skateboard he had wanted. When asked what he wanted for dinner he said chicken nuggets, that was simple enough to make, thanks to Burger King.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's a Squishy?

Last week Jarren and I were reading a book; and in the book 2 boys gave somebody a squishy. They put 2 ketchup packets underneath the toilet seat, and then when somebody sat on it the ketchup squirted all over. At the time Jarren thought this was great. But then I made the mistake of thinking that he had forgotten about it. Well...Jarren decided to try it last night without anybody knowing about it. Sweet little Maya was the unsuspecting victim. I ran up the stairs to the bathroom to hear Maya saying, "There's ketchup on my underwear and in the toilet." We'll see if Jarren gets to read those book again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The whole family had fun last night planting some tomatoes and peppers in our new garden boxes.

Cute Little Karli

Karli has started to enjoy wearing these little bear slippers.

Kate's Stats

I took Kate for her 6 month well baby check up on Saturday. She is growing like a weed. She is 16 lbs. 8 oz (75th percentile) and 25 inches (45th percentile). She is following in the footsteps of Jarren and Maya, as far as growth is concerned.

Grandpa's Little Helper

My dad came to help build some garden boxes for our yard, and Jarren was right there next to him the whole time wanting to help. It was so cute! My dad had him help hold the wood and count out the screws. You could tell how special Jarren felt.

Last Day of School

1st day of preschool. Last day of preschool

1st day of Kindergarten. Last day of kindergarten

Jarren had his last day of kindergarten yesterday and Maya had her last day of preschool today. The year has gone by so quickly. Jarren did really well in kindergarten. His biggest accomplishment was learning to read. He read 79 books, the 2nd highest in his class. Maya's biggest accomplishments were learning to write her name, and increasing the number of words in her sentences. I'm kind of sad to see this school year end, that means my kids are growing up.