Friday, March 20, 2009

No Dunking

Jason came home from the church this week after a Young Men's activity (to make this story better you need to know that Jason is the Young Men's president, so you know the kind of example he should be setting :) ) Anyway when he got home from the activity he proceeded to tell me that one of the 12 year old boys he worked with told Jason that he couldn't dunk a basketball. Jason told him to name the dunk and he would do it. The boy did and so of course Jason did it. He made the dunk, however, my sweet husband doesn't know his own strength because the whole backboard shattered. Glass went everywhere, luckily no one was underneath it except for Jason. He came away with just a small cut on his leg. The boys think that he is a hero, however, Jason is a little bit nervous for his meetings on Sunday.

What can I say... basketball is in his blood. And from the look of things so far, it's in Jarren's too. I hope he doesn't shatter any church basketball hoops though.

St. Patrick's Day

I know I'm a little late with St. Patrick's Day. Oh well!

Jarren and Maya were so excited for St. Patrick's Day; I think because of school. Jarren made a leprechaun trap at school and at home. In the morning of St. Patrick's Day he was pretty disappointed that he hadn't caught one. But then, he opened the fridge and saw the green milk and his face instantly lit up and he said, "The leprechauns did come." He was so excited. Although he wouldn't drink the green milk.

(You can see Jarren's leprechaun trap behind him in the picture.)

I don't remember St. Patrick's Day being a big deal. I guess things have changed a lot since I was little and all you had to worry about was wearing green, so you didn't get pinched.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Jason and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and we've never been on a trip by ourselves. We decided to change that this past week. Jason and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. We left last Sunday and got back late Friday night. It was awesome!! We had so much fun! We are very grateful for both of our parents, especially our moms for taking care of our kids while we were away. It was a great blessing knowing they were in good hands!

We started our trip in Miami, and it was cold. It was nice to know the cold weather started the day we got there. Oh well.

We spent a day in Nassau, Bahamas. While there we got to see Atlantis, it was pretty amazing. I couldn't believe how big the resort is. At Atlantis we went to an aquarium and the beach. Jason enjoyed being in the water, I was content to just wade in because the water was so cold.

The next day we went to a private island in the Bahamas, called Cococay. We started the day kayaking (it was my favorite activity we did on our trip). The water was so pretty and clear. We saw Sting Rays, Star Fish, Sea Cucumbers, and a few other things. It was so much fun working together and getting the kayak to move where we needed it to. Our plan was to snorkel next, but it was so cold and windy that only Jason went. I sat on the beach wrapped up in 2 towels, to keep warm. Jason had fun snorkeling he saw a lot of fish and even a manatee.

We then went to Key West, Florida. I loved seeing all the different kinds of houses they have there. We went on a sightseeing trip of the town, which was cool. Again, Jason wanted to go snorkeling, but it was too windy, they wouldn't take anybody out in the water. Sorry, Jason!

After our cruise was over we had some extra time in Florida before our plane left, so we decided to go on a tour of the Everglades and see alligators. It was so much fun riding in an airboat and seeing quite a few alligators, including a mom and her 4-5 babies. Jason even got to hold an alligator, I couldn't even touch it, let alone hold it. In fact, the tour guide walked past me and rubbed a little alligator against my arm and I totally freaked out. I started screaming and grabbing hold of the guy sitting next to me. What a nerd, huh?

It was an awesome vacation! Jason and I had so much fun just being together!

Nice Braid Kate!

How many 14 month olds you know can have their hair in a French braid? I think it looks pretty cute.


We just wanted to let you know that we are expecting baby #5. We are very excited and so are the kids. I know a lot of you probably think we are crazy, and I know life will be crazy around here, but we couldn't be more excited. I am due on Sep. 3, making me 14 weeks. Since most of you know my history, we are hoping the baby will wait until at least mid August.

When we told the kids we were going to have another baby, Jarren was so funny. He looked at me and gave me and the baby a big hug and said, "I didn't know." It was so cute, off course he didn't know.