Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break in California

For Spring Break this year we decided to head west and visit Jason's brother and his family in California. Our kids were SO excited to visit their cousins. We were very grateful for Jeremy and Heather's willingness to let us stay at their home for 5 nights. We're sure it must have been difficult having so many extra people at their house. Thank you!

We ended up having a ton of fun and making a lot of fun memories!

Here's all the kids. (And the dog).

We went to the zoo. The kids all had fun; except the noisy peacocks were a little bit scary to Kate at first.

The kids fought over who got to push our new stroller. Halle didn't seem to mind, but it made me a little bit nervous.

We also took a day and went to San Francisco. It took FOREVER to get there with all of the traffic. And it was rainy for a while, but the rain didn't stop us from seeing what we wanted to see. We walked up some pretty steep hills and then rode down in a cable car. Everybody thought that was great fun. We also got to see the sea lions. And we all got to see part of our first Major League baseball game; the San Francisco Giants vs the Oakland A's (everybody's first, except for Jason; remember he's trying to hit all of the Major League stadiums).

We had fun meeting our new cousin/nephew, Thompson. He's 5 months old, 2 months younger than Halle. She thought it was great trying to grab his face and hold his hand.
Decorating and eating cookies was also a highlight.
We also got to play a lot, go to the park, and take a nice walk. Everything outside was so pretty and green.

We had so much fun on our vacation! But with all the fun we had, we were definitely tired when we came home!