Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maya and Karli's Christmas Dance

Maya and Karli had their dance recital on Saturday. It was Karli's first chance to dance on the stage and she was pretty excited. Maya says it makes you nervous because everybody is watching you. Despite being nervous, Maya did great and so did Karli. After watching the dances, a couple people pointed out that a lot of the girls in Karli's class were watching Karli to know what step came next because they knew Karli would know what to do. And Maya knew all of her steps and performed them with exactness. Good Job girls!

Maya didn't want her picture taken for most of these pictures, hence, the slouching and slightly grumpy face.

Gingerbread Houses

So, one of my favorite family traditions is making gingerbread houses. My mom has been making them for us since I was one or two years old and I have only missed decorating them 2 years, and that's when I was on my mission.

This is the first year my dad has ever helped put them together or decorate them. It was great to have my dad's help!

This was also Halle's first year to have a house to decorate and she loved it! The first few candies she had to lick before she put them on, maybe that makes them look better?