Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jessica's Engaged

My cute little sister got engaged last night.  We are super excited for her and her fiance, Jeremy!  March 28th is going to be the big day.

We are now going to have two Uncle Jeremy's.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Dance Recital

Yesterday we had dance recitals for a good portion of the day.  Our dance company the girls are in is so big that there were 3 different programs throughout the day.  Kate danced at 1 and 3.  Maya at 5 and 7. 

Maya got to help me with Kate's group, and she thought it was great being big enough to help.

This was Kate's first recital, but she wasn't nervous at all. She really got into her dance, which made it super fun to watch.

Gingerbread Houses

It's a tradition to make gingerbread houses at my parents house every Christmas.  This is something we look forward to every year.  My mom was a saint to make 9 houses this year, 5 of them for my family alone. :)  As the kids are getting bigger they are putting a lot more thought into their houses. They aren't as concerned about the amount of candy on their house, but more on how their house actually looks.

Here's the crew, minus my mom, who was taking the picture.

We always have to have a lot of fun too. 
My brothers pretending to be walruses with pretzels. Nice !?!

Kate's 5th Birthday

Kate turned 5 at the end of November.  She was so excited for her birthday!  We had fun as a family on her birthday.  I was pleasantly surprised when she didn't ask for a friend party, since all the older kids ask for one every year.  However, the surprise didn't last long, the day after her birthday she asked when her friend party was going to be.  We quickly planned a friend party for 3 days later.  So between her actual b-day, friend party and family party, she had 3 special days.

Decorating cupcakes at the friend party

Eating cupcakes.  Yum!!!

We cut into the cake before the party because one of her cousins was sick, so we let them take some cake home before the party started.
I'm so glad Kate is part of our family!  She is our giggly girl.  Everything is funny to her, even when she is getting in trouble.  We love you Kate!