Monday, November 2, 2009


I am so glad that Halloween is over! It has been a crazy 2 weeks leading up to Halloween. I decided to make Maya and Kate's cheerleader costume, however, as anyone with a newborn knows, time completely got away from me. Anyway, my mom stepped in to help get those finished, bless her heart.

I ended up getting 5 kids ready in costumes (including combing hair for 4 girls) on 3 different days for different parties and activities, and that's not even including the school parade for Jarren and Maya. Let's just say those costumes aren't going to be put on again for a long time. Although, I think the kids looked so cute in them.

Kate did not want her picture taken.

I'm sure you can guess which costumes I was in charge of and which one Jason was in charge of. We ended up with Slash (I have no idea if I even spelled it right, I guess I just gave away who was in charge of Jarren's costume) and a Utah cheerleading squad.


Jarren was very disappointed that only adults knew who he was. We thought at least some of the kids would know who he was because of Guitar Hero.

Maya was even lucky enough to go to the University of Utah game on Halloween with Jason. She got to go trick or treating there and she supposedly got a lot of candy, but she ate it so fast at the game that I never got a chance to hide it from her, and ration it out.

Halle's Blessing

I cannot believe that Halle is 2 1/2 months old. Where does the time go with these little babies? I took her for her 2 month appointment with the doctor and she is still very little. 8 lbs. 14 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.

We had her blessed at church a few weeks ago. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures.

I love how she was smiling in this one. That was a pretty new thing for her at the time.

We can't forget the proud siblings in this picture. It's a fight to see who gets to hold her. It looks like Maya won in this battle.

The baby acne made her face all red, plus she likes to rub her hands on her face. What a cute little princess anyway.