Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Blankets

I just have to say that my favorite Christmas presents this year were the blankets that Jason's grandma made for each of my kids and all the other great-grandkids. She picked out the fabric for each blanket with a particular child in mind. My kids sleep with them every night, they absolutely love them. Thank you grandma and grandpa for helping my kids feel special every night snuggling up with their blankets!!!

January Birthdays

January is a big birthday month at our house. Karli turned 5 and then 10 days later Maya turned 7. Karli was very excited to have family come over for her party, especially her cousin, Riley.

This make-up was probably one of Karli's favorite presents.

Maya was super excited about her bike and luckily for us, their was no snow on the sidewalk, so she got to try it out on her birthday. She was so funny at the end of the day, she said she was so lucky, I think because she had had such a fun day.

Maya has chosen this carousel cake for her birthday a few times, I think it's cute that she likes it so much.
Maya got a haircut a few weeks ago. I love it on her! I think she looks so cute, although I think it made her look older (and sometimes I wish my "babies" could stay little forever).

Nice Mess, Kate!

I help count the Box Tops for our school. I have worked on getting them cut and organized for a couple of hours these past few weeks. I keep all the Box Tops in a bag in my room. I came upstairs a few days ago to find this mess.

My sweet little Kate decided to dump everything out of the Ziploc bags they were divided into. Box Tops, Campbells labels, milk $.05 lids that were once all separated, were no longer separated. It took me 40 minutes to get them put into categories.