Sunday, July 20, 2008

Growing Growing Growing

Kate is growing up too fast. Today I turned around and saw her crawling around the corner into Jarren and Maya's room, straight for Jarren's Pokemon cards.

She also cut her first tooth, but I don't know when, since she hasn't acted like she's teething, and I don't like to stick my fingers in her mouth, since I'm such a germ nut.

This picture is of her and Jason listening to Jason's ipod. She was fussing, but as soon as Jason let her listen to some music she was quiet and she kept smiling.

Hiking in the Mountains

Yesterday we took our family to the mountains to do a little hike/walk. We all had a really fun time. We had hoped it would be cooler there, but it really wasn't. I took Maya's picture once or twice and then after that she kept asking me to take it over and over again, it was pretty funny.

The funnest part was after we finished our hike and were having a little snack. The squirrels were all over, I guess hoping for a little snack too. The kids all had fun watching them run around. It reminded me of when we lived in South Dakota and the squirrels were everywhere. Jason and I loved seeing them all around the town.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family Wii Time

We got a Wii and Guitar Hero two weeks ago and last night was the first night that we have all sat down as a family and played it together. We all had a lot of fun. Maya didn't know that she wasn't hitting any of the notes, nor did Karli, but they didn't care, they had fun holding the guitar and pushing buttons.
When Jarren first started playing Guitar Hero he was so dramatic, I wish I would have gotten it on video.

Monday, July 7, 2008


We had a little vacation this past week. Jason's brother and his family came to visit from California and we did some fun things together. They have 3 kids that are close in age to ours, so the kids all had so much fun playing together. We went to a water park on Tuesday and I was surprised how much Maya enjoyed going down the water slides; I didn't think she even liked water; I guess I was wrong. I even surprised myself by going down a scary slide too (3 times to be exact...I just kept my eyes shut really tight, so I couldn't see where I was going and I held onto the mat with a death grip).

On Thursday we went to Idaho for a big family reunion. We had a lot of fun seeing family that we don't see very often. We went to a parade, did fireworks, and had a "Meat Fest".

Jarren with cousin Madison.

Some of the gang...Dawson, Madison, Grandma, Karli, Jarren and Maya

Maya and Kate at the "Meat Fest". Kate even had some corn on the cob to suck on.