Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dance Recital

Maya and Karli had their dance recital a few Saturday's ago.  The night started out pretty good, the girls got their hair curled without much drama (all of my girls, HATE curly hair, so this was actually quite an accomplishment), we got all of the seats saved that we needed to, and the girls made it to their assigned area.  But then the drama started.  Karli's class came out on the stage to dance and I was telling family that this was Karli's dance, but wait, where's Karli.  She wasn't on the stage.  I panicked and hurried out of the auditorium to find her.  I found her crying on the wings of the stage.  She was too scared to go out there and dance.  I was pretty surprised since she danced just fine at Christmas time.  After that she wouldn't let me leave her side.  Luckily, the girls had one more show that night.  I tried bribery and so did Karli's teacher to try and get her to dance in this second show.  Apparently the bribe for french fries and ice cream worked, she danced for the second show.

Maya acts like a natural on the stage.  She doesn't seem to get nervous at all.  She just dances and smiles the whole time.


Easter has come and gone.  And I'm finally getting around to posting about it.  We really looked forward to the Easter egg hunt at my brother, Tyler's house.  I have to remind my bigger kids every year that they need to remember that there are littler kids and not to hog the candy ( I know, what a rude mom).

                                    The line up. It's so hard to wait.


Decorating eggs was fun.  My sister, Jessica, was there to help and it really helped to have a few extra hands and eyes.  These aren't the best pictures, but they were all I took.

Halle has some Easter grass in her hair, nice!

New Easter clothes for church are always fun.  I couldn't find a dress for Maya, so I told her I owe her.  She hasn't let me forget yet.

                                            I love these kids!

Pinewood Derby

Jarren was so excited about his Pinewood Derby car.  He really wanted it to be a U of U car.  We had a hard time finding Utah stickers, but luckily my Cricket did the trick with some vinyl lettering.  Jarren and my dad worked hard again on his car this year, it was some time Jarren really looked forward to.  Jarren can probably tell you what place he took, but I can't remember.