Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day of School

I think this school year went by faster than any of the other school years.  I seriously feel like we just barely started.  Jarren, Maya and Karli had awesome teachers. 


We finished the year with our annual dance festival.  They really seemed to enjoy dancing, and they did an awesome job!


Can I just say that after not having milk products for 7 months, they sure taste WONDERFUL!

That's right... no ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake, cheese, milk. 

And now that he is letting me eat them, I am SO happy.  I told Jason that it's going to take me at least 7 months to get caught up.

Sand Creek


For Memorial Day this year we went to Idaho to visit with Jason's grandparents.  We had so much fun, as usual!  His grandparents have some land at Sand Creek and so we went on Saturday to walk around there and have a picnic. 

The kids had fun hiking, but they got a little tired.  Jason's mom was nice enough to give Halle a little break. 

We found a lot of caterpillars.  The kids thought they were great!  And because they were so great, the kids fought over who got to hold them.  Most of the time, Maya won; which caused a lot of drama.  (Drama is nothing new at our house :) )

Miss Emily's Preschool Graduation

Kate and Halle had preschool graduation last week.  Even though they will be a year apart in school, their preschool teacher let them be in the same class this year, which was wonderful.  They always had a buddy in class, and I only had to drive them 3 times a week, instead of 5.

Miss Emily was an amazing preschool teacher.  We are very grateful for all she did for the girls this year.  I can't believe that this was Kate's last year of preschool and that she will be going to kindergarten next year.

Miss Emily gave each child an award for the year.  Kate's was the "Future Miss America" award because she was always kind and helpful and she always looked cute.  Halle received the "Miss Sweet and Spicy Sauce" award.  Very fitting for Halle, you never know quite what you are going to get, sweet and nice or spicy.

Webelos and Arrow of Light

Jarren earned his Webelos and Arrow of Light in Scouts this last month.  He worked really hard and so we are really proud of him.  He has great leaders, who we are very appreciative of.