Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girl Cruise

This past week I was able to go on a cruise with my mom and sister. It was great!!! We left Monday morning bright and early (4:45 am). We then got to spend 4 hours in the fabulous Long Beach airport (if you've ever been to this airport you will understand my sarcasm). We then were able to head to our "Paradise" (the name of our ship, but it truly was paradise to have just a few days where I only had to take care of myself).

We had a great time in Catalina Island. We rented some beach cruisers and headed out to see the island. We saw some pretty things, and we made sure to play a little too. Jessica and I had fun at a local park. We had fun racing down the slide, and acting like kids. We enjoyed sharing a yummy caramel apple and just watching the people around us. We got some sun as you'll see from the picture of us in the dining room later on that evening.

Wednesday was spent in Ensenada, Mexico. We spent the morning shopping like tourists. I found my girls some cute handmade dresses and Jarren a fun puppet. After lunch we went horseback riding in the hills around Ensendada. It was so much fun. I've never been horseback riding before and so I was a little bit nervous, and aside from the fact that my helmet wasn't tight enough and so every time my horse moved, so did my helmet; I had a great time. All 3 of us complained for a few days that our back ends hurt, but it was totally worth it.

Thursday was a "Day at Sea", so we spent the day on the ship. It was nice to just relax a little bit. We had fun eating, playing games, reading, and eating some more.

Friday we left our "Paradise" and headed back to the Long Beach airport for another long wait. What was supposed to be a 4 1/2 hour wait, turned into a 6 hour wait. And of course it was in an airport the size of my house. Thank goodness for Jessica buying me a Milky Way, chocolate makes everything better. Thanks Jess!!!

When we finally made it home I was very excited to see the kids, but they quickly put me in my place. Karli told me she didn't want me to come home because she liked playing with daddy (who took the week off work, so he could take care of them) and Halle hardly acknowledged that I had walked in the door. Oh well, I still missed them.

It was a great week. Thanks mom and Jess for being such fun people to travel with and thanks Jason for being so fun for the kids that they didn't want me to come home.