Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day of School- Part 2

Karli and Kate started school about a week and a half after Jarren and Maya. Luckily the "K's" started on the same day, it made it easier to wait that way.

Karli likes school, but at first she didn't like recess. I know, what kid doesn't like recess. In fact she even told me she didn't want to go to school one day because she knew they were going to have a longer recess than normal. Mean mom, made her go anyway. Anyway, the teacher got it figured out, she thinks Karli was afraid because she got lost going from the bathroom to the playground on one of her first days of school. Now, she's like any normal kid and loves recess.

Kate loves preschool. Mrs. Charri is wonderful and Kate thinks it's great to have one of her best friends in class.

Jarren and Maya looking like pro's, since they've already done the school thing for a week and a half this year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have to start this post by saying thank you to the Simons for sharing their camera with us during this trip. We weren't thinking and didn't take ours.

In August Jason and I and our good friends, the Simons, went on a trip to Tampa, Florida. Let's just say it was a ton of fun! I've never been to a beach before where after a few hours the water is a little bit too warm and you have to get out. I was very sunburned for a few weeks after that day at the beach, but it was well worth it.

While in Tampa we went to Bush Gardens. The first day started out very eventfully. On our train ride over to enter the park, it started to sprinkle and within about 10 seconds it was a downpour. We had no choice but to get off the train and run in the rain for some sort of shelter. Once we realized we were as soaked as we could be, we decided to just enjoy being drenched and walk in the rain. The rides were great. But by the 2nd day of rides, the men wimped out and the ladies had to go on the rides by ourselves. They were content to sit or stand in the baking sun, while we went and had fun on more rides.

Of course while in Tampa we had to go to a baseball game. Check one more stadium off of Chad and Jason's list.

On one of the days we went on a boating trip to see dolphins, it was so much fun watching dolphins play in the boats wake.

Thanks to both grandmas and Jessica for taking care of the kids for us. We really appreciate it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jordan Left

I am so little brother left for his mission this last Wednesday. I mean, I am super excited for him and proud of him for going, but I still miss him. He will be serving in Long Beach, CA and will be gone for 2 years.

The siblings- me, Jordan, Tyler and Jessica.

The kids all LOVE Jordan!

Jordan, my kids and my niece. My nephew wasn't in the picture.


We started the 3 older girls in dance this week. This is Maya's 3rd year dancing, Karli's 2nd and Kate's first year. Kate was so excited. She kept looking at me and smiling during her class, it was so cute.

This week we are letting Jarren start a hip hop dance class. He cried last year when Jason wouldn't let him sign up for tap and ballet, like his sisters. We came up with this compromise.

Jarren and Maya's 1st Day of School

Jarren and Maya started school this last week. Maya was ecstatic when she found out who her teacher was, it was a boy teacher, and it was the one she wanted. Both of their teachers seem really nice. Jarren is in the 4th grade, Maya 2nd. Karli will start school this next Wednesday.

I couldn't find the camera before school, of course; so these pictures were taken after school.

Curly Locks

Kate let me put curlers in her hair last week. It was the first time we had ever done it and I thought it turned out super cute. I had 7 curlers left after putting them in Kate's hair and Karli told me that she wanted them in her hair, which completely shocked me because Karli hates her curly hair. Anyway, I thought the 7 curlers would look funny and we would end up wetting her hair in the morning, but it actually was really cute in her hair too.

Karli wouldn't look at me because she didn't really like her hair curly, but we left it.