Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Hike of the Year

 Here we are getting ready to leave.
Our family is pretty excited to have warm weather, to be able to get outside and not be stuck inside anymore.  We decided to go hiking with Jason's parents to Ensign Peak.  It ended up being a little bit harder hike than I had anticipated.  It wasn't long, but it was pretty steep.  Me and Brock were glad to be able to join the family this year hiking.  Last year I was pregnant, which meant it wasn't the best idea.
Kate and Halle were the ones I was worried about before the hike.  They tend to get tired when we just walk around our neighborhood.  But they did great.  Karli was the one that complained, and ended up getting carried on grandma's back for awhile.  

The view of the city was awesome!

9 Months

I cannot believe that this little guy is already 9 months old!  He is always happy and smiling.  He is scooting everywhere, which he thinks is awesome.  He loves this new freedom!  He is trying really hard to crawl, but it's just faster to scoot.   He loves to hold onto fingers and stand up, in fact, if he is grumpy, this will quiet him almost instantly.

Sping Dance Recital

We had 3 little dancers in the Spring Recital.  We were a little bit nervous that we would have no dancers at the recital due to a sick bug running around our house, however, thanks to some prayers, we had all 3 dancers there, at least for most of it.  Karli had to leave shortly after doing her dance, but at least she made it through her dance.


They all looked so cute in their costumes, and they did a great job!  Karli doesn't want to dance again, but the other girls do.  It was a fight to get Karli to dance class every single week, but I'm such a mean mom, that I made her go because I had already paid for her lessons and the costume.  Kate is already counting down to when she gets to dance again.  It's crazy how different each kid can be.

Halle didn't get to dance on the stage this year, but she will next year.  She improved a lot this year, so it was fun to see her progress in class.