Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San Diego

 Our family just got back from a week long trip to San Diego.  We all had so much fun, in fact, Halle said she thought we should stay for another week.  We rented a house right next to the beach, and so we went to the beach many times.

Jarren absolutely loved boogie boarding, and Maya thought that was pretty fun too. He also liked learning to snorkel.

Brock loved eating the sand. 

And the other girls loved playing in the sand, making sand castles, snow balls (Kate...and Brock actually enjoyed stepping on them and smashing them.  Kate didn't like that very much) and other cool creations.

We went to Sea World.

San Diego Zoo

Maya is our zebra girl, so we of course had to get a picture.

 The San Diego LDS temple,

Old Town San Diego.  We went to the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center.  It was awesome.  The kids got to pan for gold, pump water, and act out stories.

And we celebrated Brock and Halle's birthday's while we were there.


 We went with 3 other families and my kids loved spending time with their kids.

 Our stuffed animals loved boogie boarding in the house too.

  Spending time together was AWESOME!!!

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