Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kindergarten and Preschool

Kate started Kindergarten today with a lot of apprehension.  I knew she was nervous, so I was afraid she would go in kicking and screaming.  I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me a hug and stood in her line without much of a fuss.  There were a few tears in her eyes and mine, but she did it!  I know she isn't my oldest or youngest, but she's still one of my babies and I will miss her while she is at school.

Looking nervous as she stands in line.
Halle started preschool today.  She informed me that she was nervous last year, but not this year.  Apparently she is a pro now at going to school.

It's pretty quiet at our house now.  All the kids are gone to school, except for Brock, who is sleeping.  I think I can learn to like this hour and a half of me time. :)

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